venerdì 10 agosto 2018

Interesting investment opportunity in the Philippines

Hotel for sale in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.  

15 Bedroom Hotel / Resort for sale in Bancao-Bancao, Palawan

Recently renovated, ready for fully operating.
3 lots: the biggest one with the reception and the rooms, a medium one for breakfast, and a little one as a bar.
500 mt far from the beach.
10 minutes from the airport.

giovedì 9 agosto 2018

CNN Online dating study

CNN just published a post about online dating whose title is: 

Are you chasing people 'out of your league'?

Online daters tend to pursue users who are roughly 25% "more desirable" than they are -- and, by the looks of their messages, many are well aware of the "hierarchy," according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances.
The study found that the higher up we reach, the longer our messages tend to get -- and the less likely we'll get a message back.

sabato 16 settembre 2017

N26: la prima vera banca per smartphone

Invito personale
Walter Fano

Sto usando da un po’ N26 come conto corrente, e penso che tu lo debba provare!

Il conto N26 è totalmente sicuro, ed è stato concepito e disegnato per essere usato su smartphone, quindi è imbattibile come usabilità e design.

Clicca qui sotto per accettare il tuo invito personale e provalo da te.
Invito Personale a N26
Appena avrai completato la registrazione, scarica la app e potrai da subito iniziare ad usarlo.

Walter Fano
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giovedì 17 dicembre 2015

Wake me up

Ho sempre pensato che non c’è niente come la vista di un uomo alle otto del mattino, in giacca doppiopetto, la faccia ben rasata, la cravatta annodata e una valigetta sottobraccio, che beve in fretta un caffè a un chiosco arancione mentre i würstel girano già, lustri, su una griglia rovente.
Ho sempre pensato che non esiste una faccia come quella di una ragazza che, con il rossetto e le sopracciglia disegnate con cura, esce dalla metropolitana e cerca di arrivare in ufficio in orario.
Ho sempre pensato che non c’è niente di più triste che vedere la gente la mattina presto, quando va al lavoro.

[Alfred Hayes, Una forma di amore]

mercoledì 27 maggio 2015

Open letter to a stupid jew

Hello Mr. X.
I am a professor at the University of Venice and the husband of L., the Guide that led the Bacaro tour you done in Venice last week.  I have just read your review and I was shocked.
The role of a Guide is to explain and narrate historical facts, and and this is exactly what L. has done.
The historical facts are these: the Venetian Republic welcomed and protected any foreign community had sought refuge here, and that's exactly what Venice did with the Jewish community, which was instead persecuted elsewhere in Europe.  The Republic assigned to all foreign communities a particular area to allow them to live together and even to build their churches. There were of course restrictions for these foreign communities (for everyone, not just for the Jews), among them: it was forbidden to move at night because they did not want mixed marriages (or sex) between persons of different religions, they also wanted to protect the knowledge of their construction techniques and craftsmanship.
These are the historical facts and this is what L. said on that evening of last week, to you and to the rest of the group.
If you did not go away in that way so extremely impolite, you would have been able to learn  other things about the history of the Venetian Ghetto, but obviously you do not care about History or Culture in general .... ....
Well, now, according to your (distorted) point of view: since 500 YEARS AGO the Republic of Venice decided that the Jews could not go out at night from their district, then this means that L. is an anti-semitic ??
Are you crazy or what ???
Then according to your reasoning, when a teacher during a lesson explains what the Nazis did, then he himself becomes a Nazi...
So, now you have two things to do:
- first of all, do a favour to the humanity: stay at home. You are too stupid to travel. Ignorance is understandable, it is not your fault, but the rudeness, the distortion of the facts, the lack of interest in learning, are synonymous with stupidity.
- second, you immediately send an email to the travel agency to apologize for what you have written in your review, and to apologize for accusing at random.

Another thing: feeling dislike or aversion to a people, and destroying them, are two different things. The fact that someone can dislike towards a people, should not justify any violence. But the antipathy is legitimate (at least until you  don't hurt anyone). Well, let me say: Jews are extremely unpleasant, because you are overbearing, arrogant, conceited, rough and you have the mental agility of a stone. No wonder that anybody doesn't like you.
I say it again (because your intelligence is very limited and therefore I am sure that you do not understand): the fact that I don't like you doesn't mean that I want to do any kind of violence towards you or that I would like to promote any forms of violence against Jews. It simply means that I do not like you.
When I say "Jews" I mean those Jews who believe in that stupid god. Fortunately, there are Jews who are not believers, like Woody Allen, who in fact is a very intelligent person.
The proof that you believers you are arrogant, is that you definitely never write an email to apologize.
That's why I want to say you: fuck you, fuck you and all the stupid people like you, fuck you and all the stupid religions in the world.

It is deeply embarrassing for the whole humanity that in the third millennium there are still so many people who believe in the existence of a god that no one has ever seen and that no one can prove that there is.
The fact that you are so ignorant not to knowing how the universe is made, it doesn't automatically mean that a creative god has existed....
The day when mankind will get rid of these stupid religions, will always be too late.

W. F.
(Please note that my last name is Hebrew. F. was a Jewish family who came from central Italy, and in the sixteenth century found refuge in the Venetian Ghetto, since in the rest of Europe they were persecuted)

PS: I sent a letter to the international Jewish community of Venice, to tell what you have written, asking an official apology.
Also sent  letters to all the most important journals denouncing your scandalous accusations.
Whole Europe will know about your idiocy.