martedì 22 novembre 2011

Viral Box increases traffic to your site and your social network

We know that in order to get a good ranking in search engines of our website, is also important: the number of fans of our Facebook Page, the number of views of our promotional videos on YouTube, the number of followers of our Twitter account and now the number of G + on our main site, too.
So far, to obtain all this, it was necessary an adequate web marketing campaign and a lot of time and resources to spend, but today we can get help from the new service called Viral Box, that allows us to increase our visibility on-line.
The mechanism is simple: you sign up indicating your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your promotional videos on YouTube and the URL of your website. Then you can choose between two paths: click on the "I like" of the Facebook page of the other registered people, or become their followers, or click on the G + of their website, or watch (for 10 seconds minimum) their video, and in this way you get virtual credit expendable to get in your turn the "I like", the views of our videos and so on.
Or you can buy credits via Paypal (the prices are fair).
The results are very interesting, with a remarkable gain in visibility.
Viral Box - Social Media Sharing

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