lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

How to get quality backlinks to your website

We know that more backlinks means better rankings, that means more traffic.
But it's not so easy to get quality backlink!
You can solve the problem with the new service called: Social Monkee

Easily build 25 unique dofollow backlinks to your pages every day, FREE.
All links are on unique C Class IPs and domains!

In order to do that you have two ways:
install the Firefox Plugin, once you are on the page you want to promote, click the "monkee" head in your Firefox Add-on Bar, the Firefox Plugin will pre-populate the fields for you, you only have to:
- check the url, title and description
- choose a category
- hit the "preview" and "submit" buttons

or you can submit a url from your dashboard of the Members Area

Sign up and start generating quality inbound links to your site: Social Monkee

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