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Internet promotes creative people - The case of Walter Fano

Creative people are perhaps the first to use the space in the Web to disseminate their ideas. And to sell them!
If you are interested in successfully promoting your creations and showcase all your skills I suggest you follow the example of Walter Fano.
Who is Walter Fano?
Walter Fano is an artist in love with photography and Venice. This two passions have also become the foundation on which to base his work as a tour guide in Venice.
Now, being able to get success by doing the tour guide in Venice is very difficult. In a city that welcomes an average of 20 million tourists a year, according to you, may be missing the guides?
Especially in a market full of tour operators offering packages of all types, carve out a space becomes difficult.
So, how to survive and compete in this situation? By creating an alternative product, or doing living "The Other Venice", that one seen with different eyes, walking on street routes ignored by the mass tourism, enjoying the views timidly hidden in the maze of Venice. Walter Fano offers an adventure where the tourist "has revealed the hidden soul" of a fragile and intimate city, that should be lived on tiptoe.
Identified his niche market, with the web have found the best way to sponsor its successful initiative. He littered the web of his presence - a presence of substance - providing plenty of space and give about a new Venice to explore.
The actions carried out by Walter Fano for "The Other Venice" - leaving aside all personal pages - can be outlined in:
- Creating Website. Nothing super sophisticated and sleek. This allows anyone comes across the site a simple and immediate knowledge of the service. There are also the prices in a clear way, so the visitor can quickly orient to buy.
- Facebook Page (over 2000 fans). Facebook is a an excellent place where people can comment on both the post and the experience of visiting Venice with Walter Fano. This is a case in which a Fanpage has a real feedback to promote their business:
- Twitter Profile (more than 500 followers):
- 2 blogs with different content (one with Blogger and one with Wordpress.)
- Page on Flickr
- Page Google +
- Presence on TripAdvisor (with 40 reviews)
- Reporting in major bookmarking platforms (Stumbler, Delicious, Digg...)

He is not the first to create a blog and use social media like Facebook and Twitter to get a following.
What is striking is the extent of his work in spreading the web: beat a rug every possible space.
One could argue that he preferred quantity to quality of content: not at all!
Much of the material offered - from photographs to articles - is designed and written with care. Little or nothing is left to chance.
In a time of crisis where unemployment has reached frightening traits and where creativity is stifled in the bud, inventing new business seems one of the few viable ways to find employment.
The case of Walter Fano can be a great example for all those who have artistic talent, want to get involved and make it their own business.


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